A good leader can present before an audience his insights and plans for the betterment of the organization. In presentation, there are basically 3 important components that one must consider to effectively convey his message. Majority of these are common sense, but you’d be surprised to learn how often they are overlooked.

First, it is important that the presenter should use visual aids. Visual aids catch the attention of the audience. With a good set of visual aids, the audience uses more senses in receiving your message. The audience is not only listening now, but the message they are hearing is also being supplemented by receiving helpful graphics and images.

Second, a good presenter should rehearse, rehearse, rehearse, and rehearse. Enough is said about the 2nd component.

Lastly, remember a simple rule of thumb: the audience will only remember three-pointers. So do not bombard them with so many bulleted information. Information overload destroys your presentation

If management is the art of getting things done, a presentation is a fast and potentially effective method of getting things done through other people. In managing any project, presentations are used as a formal method for bringing people together to plan, monitor, and review its progress. So boost up those presentations and be recognized as a good manager or leader.