Supervisory training courses are designed to equip the supervisor with the skills to coach rather than tell, to neutralize energy draining conflict, to counsel less than satisfactory behavior and empower and support innovative thinking. The command and control culture must give way to a more team oriented environment. Supervisor training workshops provide the supervisor with the skills to exhibit behavior consistent with this team oriented culture. The supervisor, after the training should be able to understand his role in the company: As the company reduces management levels and flatten out the organization chart, front line supervisor skills become a major component in effective delivery of products and services. And in many cases when promoted from within, the attitudes, behaviors and approaches are perpetuated by new supervisors (intuitively) using (supervisor) skills that they feel are the most effective approach.

A good supervisor training module should target newly promoted foremen and supervisors with a comprehensive overview of quality control, operations, and supervisory principles. This module should be actualized by a program in the organizational quality improvement plan and recommend it to experienced supervisors who need to brush up on fundamental skills.

With a strong emphasis on continuous improvement, statistical process control, and the principles and applications of quality, a training program teaches new supervisors the day-to-day job tasks and interpersonal strategies to become a productive and respected one. They’ll learn proven managerial concepts, effective verbal and written communications skills, the latest employee development techniques, and more.